Western and Eastern Culture Weddings

A marriage is a lifelong promise between a woman and a man. This thing strengthens their relation and gives their life another meaning.  The concept of marriage is in every culture and every religion. Marriage is surely the best way to maintain the relationship between the both partners and for the bringing of their children well. People are now smarter about getting married and they are marrying when they think they are stable enough financially. However, get married when you think it’s the right man and the right time. Take your time and think hard before taking the final decision.

And if you’ve met the right guy, then you should start planning for your wedding! Marriage ceremonies need detailed planning, family, relatives and best friends’ plays a major role in arranging the marriage. Marriage traditions vary between countries and ethnic groups. In most marriage ceremonies, the couple makes vows to not leave each other and love each other till their death after that the couple’s family and friends give them speeches and different gifts to show their love and support.

In western culture, the bride wears a white colored gown whereas the groom wears a suit or tuxedo in black color usually. Followed by a wedding ceremony is a reception. Every country and culture has its own tradition to celebrate a wedding:

Western weddings:

Customary American weddings take place in a church or chapels and family and friends of the bride and groom gather to support and celebrate this love day with them. However, some people choose other destinations according to their wish or desire like beaches, hotels or farmhouses etc. Bride’s wear white long gown with a veil because white is a symbol of purity. She holds a flower bouquet in her hands and the type she chooses indicate her emotions towards this day. Bridesmaids also play a very important role in western marriage ceremonies, they surround the bride to save her from the evil spirits (according to the myths) the dress code of the bridesmaid is chosen by the bride herself. Usually the color she chooses coordinates with the wedding theme. Maid of honor is usually the bride’s close friend.

For the groom, a close friend of him becomes best man and given a place of respect and admiration and some other relative become groomsmen to support him.

The circular shaped ring is also an integral part of the wedding; this ring connects the bride and groom and is a symbol of a forever relation, they are usually made up of gold, diamond or other metals. Flower girl and ring bearer are also the part of the rituals.

On the wedding day, bride and groom make vows to be with each other forever and cut the cake and everyone celebrates with them this day.

Western Wedding Rituals in an order:

  • Getting engaged
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding day
  • Reception line
  • Reception day
  • Entrance of wedding party
  • Serving of food
  • Cutting of a grand wedding cake
  • Throwing the Garter
  • Bouquet throwing
  • Dances
  • Thank you speeches

On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom are told about their duties and responsibilities towards each other by the priest and they agrees upon them by saying “I do”


Eastern weddings:

Indian weddings are quite exciting and fun. They’re very popular worldwide and generally categorized into pre-wedding ceremony, marriage day ceremony and Bidaai. On the day before the wedding ceremony, the female friends of bride decorate the bride’s hands while singing songs and they call it “Mehndi”. Bride tries to look at her best with gold and diamond jewelry and wears the traditional saree or lehnga (usually in red color) Groom wears a sherwani or kurta shalwar. On the wedding day, they walk in circles (pheray) around the fire and make vows.

While marriages in Islamic world are quite different, it is known as ‘Nikkah’ in urdu and it can be held at any time of the day or date because there is nothing like “muhurat” or “positive time” in Islam. In old times, it used to be held at bride’s or groom’s place or in masjid. But with the passing time, this trend has been changed and now Muslims celebrate this day in hotels, beaches, farm houses etc. A Muslim wedding is also divided into pre-wedding, wedding (baraat) and post-wedding (valima) customs. And greatly resembles to Indian weddings.

Weddings, in every religion, country and ethnic group are supposed to be a respectful thing and the wedding day is supposed to be a day to celebrate love so try to make it the most memorable one!

Some popular Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

A wedding is a celebration or ceremony by which two people promise to spend their lives together forever. It has religious and legal significance; in wedding ceremony, both bride and groom are needed to sign an agreement or marriage license. This Marriage certificate is very important and vital part of a wedding ceremony; it is a legal prove that the couple is legally committed.

A marriage ceremony is the most important and beautiful part of a one’s life, in this day two people make their commitment to be associated with each other for the lifetime. In this very special day, the bride and groom are surrounded by everyone they love in the world, their family, friends and loved ones.

Bride and groom:

Different countries, cultures and ethnic groups have their own different rituals and methods to celebrate a wedding; however, it is very important day especially for the bride because it symbolizes the rest of her life. She wants it to be the most beautiful day; therefore, she makes special arrangements for the wedding ceremony and tries to look at her best .

The groom usually wears a suit for his wedding. The styling and clothing of the groom are affected by many factors, including location of the wedding ceremony, time, the type of ceremony, the traditions he follows or his cultural background.

Family, relatives and friends of the bride and groom help them to celebrate this day and make it one of the most memorable days of their lives. Wedding ideas are influenced and rooted in historical wedding styles and culture, but usually the couple tailors their wedding ceremony to meet their desires and needs. People celebrate their weddings, according to their culture, countries, ethnic and social class.

Religious trends worldwide:

Most Christian’s weddings held in churches, they give some form of blessing and wishes to a marriage and the bride and groom and is supervised by the priest. Hindu marriages are conduced in Sanskrit, and their celebrations may continue for many days. In Jewish culture, the couple before the ceremony formalizes a marriage contract and after that the both husband, wife and the two witnesses sign it. And in Muslim world, an Imam presides and performs the ceremony.


Next to the ceremony, there is a reception, it includes food, dance, and songs, cutting the cake and the first dance of the bride and groom after marriage. At a reception, usually the couple and his loved ones give their speeches to thank their family and friends for the love, wishes and support.

Some popular Wedding Traditions all over the world:

  • In western culture, a bride usually wears a white dress with a white veil. This ritual was started by the Queen Victoria. A wedding ring is also part of the religious wedding.
  • In some parts of Asian and typically in India, bride’s female friends, sisters and other relatives decorate her hands with ‘henna’, it lasts a few days and look incredible. Henna takes hours to apply and while applying it, her family members sing and dance and celebrate the coming wedding this way. This ritual is fun and cute too.
  • Broom-jumping is also one of the traditions. It is mostly practiced in African-American marriage celebrations.
  • “Mazel Tov!” In Jewish weddings, the guests shout it after groom mashing the glass under his foot. Mazel Tov means good luck, and the glass is broken to celebrate the love and happiness of the memorable day!
  • In Russian weddings, the groom will go at his bride’s parent home and ask for his prospective  wife.  Her friends and family tease him and they don’t give him until he makes some payment. The friends and family can ask him anything they want like silly dances, answer some riddles, etc.  However, after having enough fun, they allow him to meet his bride.

A wedding is also a way through which most of the people show their social and economical status. They spend millions, billions and trillions on their weddings. However, money isn’t necessary to make this day special. Because, money can’t buy you happiness. Other than the couple, a Wedding ceremony also brings happiness to their relatives, friends and loved one faces; people meet each other in these ceremonies and get united again. So it should be a fun-filled day and they should keep this thing is mind that the day is all about a celebration of love so people should forget all the clashes between each other and should focus to make this day a most memorable one!

Plan your wedding!

A wedding is a celebration of love and a very old and ancient idea. The concept of marriage is present in every state, ethnic group and country on this planet. A marriage and a good one, is healthy, life-giving and brings happiness to a person’s life.

Why is getting married important?

According to Christians and Muslims belief, marriage is a gift from God; it has some spiritual elements in it which transform this relationship to new, deep and eternal love.  In a wedding ceremony, bride and groom make an announcement of lifelong commitment to each other; they take a vow to love and support each other till the end. So marriages are beautiful and offer a secure environment to both husband and wife and for their children.

A nuptial is considered as one of the most important days of a person’s life, it’s a great transition in life, Weddings are known as an expression of cheerfulness, success and prosperity. In a wedding ceremony, the couple exchange vows to each other and then everyone celebrates this great day of love with the couple. The friends and family of the bride and groom give presents and speeches to show their love of the couple. A marriage ceremony is typically followed by a reception and it could be very grand and simple depending on the couple and their pockets.

Plan your wedding!

Getting married can be very exciting and memorable if you plan it properly. A little confusion in planning a wedding is normal, but don’t be nervous; here are some tips to celebrate and make it the most memorable one!

  • First of all, don’t be nervous; be confident and breathe deeply.  Keep your eyes on the things that are in and select from these things what you want to wear. For example, if purple is in then you should check all the gowns or lehngas or whatever you want to wear in that color and then select the best one! Buying a dress is a very exciting part of the whole wedding preparation.
  • Select a date on which you want to be married. Make a priority date list with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be, and ask both the parents too. And select the date, that best suits everyone. Tip: Prefer Saturdays and don’t select weekdays.
  • Make a list of guests you want to invite. Start from your best friends, then relatives and colleagues etc.
  • Determine and calculate how much you have to spend on your big day.
  • Hire a wedding planner if you want to. `
  • Select the most suitable destination or venue you both like. Choosing the right and suitable venue will take some time, but you can take some help from the internet too. And I hope that you’ll find the perfect venue for your day!
  • Buy wedding insurance to have a secure and happy wedding!
  • Buy all the accessories you want to wear on this day, including the wedding ring. The traditional wedding rings come in a circular shape that symbolizes a never-ending stream of love. They say that a vein runs from your wedding finger to the heart and connects the wife and husband both, to each other.  So choose a beautiful piece that is going to connect you two forever.
  • Hire a wedding photographer to capture all the memories you are going to experience on your day! For that, ask your married friends ,Google the photographers and after selecting the best one, hire them!
  • Add the cord of tree strands tradition to your wedding ceremony; it’ll be a unique and beautiful ingredient to the ceremony.
  • The music and flowers set a mood for the wedding so add beautiful flowers to your wedding and play a nice romantic music. The flowers look good as well as they are less expensive, so select lilies, roses or any in season flower to add up.
  • Other things to take care of are the breakfast menu, rehearsals, speeches, poems, thank you gifts, first dance, timings cars, favors, wedding games, bridesmaid and best man etc.

Some 2014 trends:

  • Black tie is back this year.
  • Popular themes for this year are vintage, Bohemian, Tre elegante and pop art.
  • Hotels are not enough this year, couples prefer unusual venue locations this year.
  • To give your wedding a perspective, hang white lanterns, pom-poms, ribbons or floating crystals.
  • Sophisticated and elegant color like coral is on the top in wedding colors.

We’ve tried to cover everything in this article however, for more details browse the internet and find the things you need to know to make your wedding best! Cheers.